July 18th, 2003


I'm home

Just recently came home after spending all evening with my best friend and part of her family. Plenty of good food and some good conversation. But we did not have much time alone ... only the car trip from the city. That was not nearly enough.
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Anime overload?

You know you probably watch enough anime when you sit down with your burger at McDonalds and it's all you can do to refrain from shouting "Itadakimasu!"

(Well, "itedakemas" more like it ... for some reason I've never heard anyone pronounce the trailing -u, and the vowels tends to blur a bit too. But even so.)

(Edit: Since nothing goes without saying ... if it had been fish or something ... but a Big Mac??)
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Since I'm saying dumb things anyway

I have set up the WinME computer in my bedroom, the one that works with the webcam. Now all I need is a wireless network and some appropriate software to let you all watch me when I sleep.

OK, probably there won't be any urgent offers of assistance in this matter. Still, it is nice to have one more computer in serviceable condition.
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