July 1st, 2003



Well, thanks to the recommendations from several of you (OK, 3 of you) I downloaded the free DC ripper CDEX from sourceforge. It is indeed a nice program, fairly user friendly for an open source project.

Needless to say, it did not work.

The reason for this however is that I don't have a plain CD player on my computer. Well, there is one, but it hasn't worked since the first few weeks. I use the CD writer and the DVD writer for all of my CD (and DVD) playing needs. Evidently this is such a shock to CDEX that it just gives up.

Anyway, I brought the program over to the portable and lo, it worketh! So now I can get MP3 files of pan flute music from Andes to replace the most boring tunes in Morrowind. ^_^
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