June 21st, 2003


"Boys be"

Got the first fansub of "boys be" last night. I can only suppose that the name (which seems to occur in the Japanese original) is the Japanese way of saying "boys will be boys" ... after all, the language is famous for dropping redundant words. Anyway, Animenfo compares it to To Heart. But what struck me was the similarity to Kanon. It is quite like the Kanon anime in style and atmosphere. Although it is a little less dreamy and a little more horny ... there is some realistic sexual attraction, but it is used to characterize rather than try to make the anime into a sex tool. Well, apart from the damn cut screen in the middle, which is frankly inappropriate.

Incidentally, I agree with his friend on this. I don't think this is true love, I think they are both avoiding growing up and looking for real love.

And now, off to shop without breakfast! Wooo!
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