June 16th, 2003


Well, it could have happened too

This afternoon I was terribly sleepy and decided to take a nap. As I zoned into dreamland, there was already a dream going on, and I watched it. It was a rather prosaic dream with a group of people talking and then this 4-5 year old girl started to talk, loudly and clearly, about penises. It was rather obvious that she had no idea what she was talking about but had stocked up on bits and pieces of conversation. Her young mother was like totally shell shocked but then ran off with the kid. And then I woke up. That was one short nap. Mostly because I was laughing, I guess. For some reason I find it very entertaining when small children voice other people's opinions on penises. Or indeed any genitals.

In other news, Itlandsen the overly defensive paladin is level 50. Woot! My vacation has been well spent. Tomorrow is work again. Well, later today technically.

A good way to start the day

Narue no Sekai episode 9: A starship in love!
Now with 10% more cheese! Alien robots with mild personality disorders, and boys that get overly excited by seeing skinny girls in large bathing suits. All that, and a tsunami too! It will strike you right at the heart! Or perhaps not. But it is pretty funny. I am glad I took time to watch this before work; it leaves me in a happy mood.

Do we learn from our mistakes?

I had a long talk today with my local comic-books dealer. He has some time for philosophy, evidently, and now tried to convince me that we don't learn from our mistakes.

First off, we can learn without making mistakes. Second, we can make mistakes without learning. (In fact, he claims to have observed that it is the same people who bump their cars into things again and again, and people who forget to pay their bills on time continue to forget it. Not to mention that criminals, despite the rather drastic measures of being put in jail, hurry to commit new crimes when released.) So learning and making mistakes are two separate functions; they do not particularly interact with one another.

I pointed out that I had friends who had done drugs when they were young, but stopped. Were they not learning from their mistakes? Not so, he replied. They had not taken drugs by mistake. They had tried them but found that the drugs did not fit in with the lifestyle they chose. Doing drugs is not necessarily a mistake: Much of the world's great art has been made with the assistance of alcohol and other drugs. But for many people, drugs don't fit into their everyday life, and so they quit taking them.
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