June 7th, 2003


Tsaikotic dreaming

Just woke up, and as usual when sleeping in, I had a weird dream.

In my dream, I was in an upstairs room that was largely empty, but two guys and tsaiko were in the beginning of doing a live radio chat show. One of the guys were pretending to not be in the same room. "Has Tsaiko come yet?" he called, "I thought I saw a whale." ('What an utterly discourteous thing to say', thought I. ) "That was my submarine" replied Tsaiko immediately. "I parked it just outside." The two guys left the room, and I asked Tsaiko: "Did you really come in a submarine?" She shook her head vigorously and replied "Of course I did!", and I understood that the microphone was still on. For a moment I considered a crazy stunt, doing an interview with Tsaiko on the air! But then realism assert itself. I knew I was out of my depth, and besides, alone with Tsaiko I suddenly could not think of anything to say. I left the room and went downstairs, and suddenly I realized that I was back on the farm where I had grown up and the studio had been in the place of my old bedroom. There were three beutiful kittens and a compact swarm of flies, and the dream ended. My clock radio was blaring a chat show, with two guys on.
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