May 30th, 2003


The noble, and horrible, truth about life

Only those who have no joy can escape all sorrow. For sorrow comes from joy denied. All wishes (desires, hopes, daydreams and plans) will follow one of two paths: The path to joy or the path to sorrow. Life will not allow you to fulfill all your wishes, unless you always wish for the insignificant. And even that will one day end.
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The Sims Superstar!

I bought the expansion pack today. I really really hope it is better than Unleashed, which I have installed at only one of my 3 machines and almost never play. That was the first expansion pack I did not like.

Stardom is not really something I am interested in, but I suppose at least one of my Sims would like it. (Pastor Solitario ... he sure got the looks and the charisma ...)

It is install time! See you later ... I hope.
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