May 27th, 2003


Anime watched lately

Scrapped Princess was progressing nicely at episode 6. E's Otherwise episode 8 was officially an interlude, and felt kinda like it too. Narue no Sekai episode 7 was not officially an interlude, but felt like it anyway. Naruto episode 33 is the latest I have seen so far (I follow the Toriyama's World fansub) and it sure was dramatic. I am soo tempted to download the ANBU, but I really hate their fonts.

Also I have started watching Groove Adventure Rave. It has a kinda cheap feel to it, but is a lighthearted adventure, complete with teen boy with a too big sword and a girl whose curvatures looks rather un-Japanese, and a dog with a conical nose. Most amusing is the use of English words. It seems someone has stumbled over an article about contemporary music, and just nabbed random words from it. The title is actually quite representative.

Oh, and I watched the first episode of Mizoiro OVA. I actually watched it twice. There are things that only make sense the second time. I really look forward to seeing more of this series, about a brother and a sister (are they really?) and the ghost of their childhood friend. But what's up with the name? I cannot find it on Animenfo. I find Mizoiro Jidai instead.

Mizo Iro Jidai is pretty cool too, although it is very very girly. I guess I have always wondered what girls think ... well, it seems I am about to find out. ^_^ One episode down so far!
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I never took an interest in the difference between DVD-R and DVD+R. The first box of writable DVD I bought (at Telehuset or whatever it is called, the locals will know which I mean) was labeled DVD+R, and they worked reasonably well, except one of them got trashed. Still, 4 out of 5 worked. Before the weekend I bought a single DVD-R (at Expert), but the DVD burner would not even acknowledge that there was anything in the drive. So today I went and bought a DVD+R disk again (once more at Expert). I was shocked to pay almost 150 kroner (more than 22 dollar!) for a blank DVD. That's sick. I can understand why there was no price tag on it! The disk worked, though. I'll never again buy a disk without asking for the price though. I thought these things were kinda standardized.
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