May 23rd, 2003


Look! An update!

I know I haven't exactly been writing the last few days, but it's not because I don't love you people. Well, not any less than I did. I have bought 3 GURPS reference books: Vikings, Middle Ages 1 and Religion. Pretty fact-packed stuff, but good. Schools should throw out their school books and throw in GURPS books, and then have the kids play GURPS at school. Then they would learn something.

Oh, and now that my DAoC character Itlandsen the Overly Defensive Paladin has crawled up into his 40es, there are suddenly Avalon raids, diamond groups and even the occasional prince raid to take part in. I guess I've spent a little more time there than usual.

For some reason (possibly related to chips earlier in the week) my gums are generally inflamed, making it painful to eat anything harder than yoghurt, and hurting in some places even if I don't eat at all. Apart from that, I am fine. Also now that the full moon is well and truly gone, I am less horny, always a good thing for a single.

Oh, and don't sue me if you get addicted to this stupid ever-changing pseudo comic, 2 guys sitting on a sofa holding game controllers. I have heard said that it might be addictive. (Although I am sure kemayo could make something better if he put his mind to it. For instance, powered by random quotes from #AR...)
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