May 14th, 2003


And now for someone very different ...

allisonway is definitely not an Acid Reflux fan. She is also writing so rarely that I would normally not have put her in the Top Ten. But "Allison" and I have an electronic history that goes back long before I came to LJ. We met on a mailing list and were pen friends for a long time, one of the most interesting experiences in my life lately. She is also the only other here of my generation, as far as I can remember. (That's the parent generation to you angsty teenagers.) Besides, she is one of the very few people I know of who has read my Chaos Node fairly regularly.

Needless to say, she is frighteningly smart. (Do we see a pattern here? Hmm...) For some reason, probably being born in the wrong decade, she has used her brains for academic pursuits instead of anime and creative writing. Also, juggling her ex-husband and ex-in-laws (out-laws?), her boyfriend and his family, and the occasional stray cat also takes its toll. Still, she's a good person, and I thought I would pop in and introduce her to all my friends. Please receive her well. ^_^
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A higher level of geekiness: Subbes

I'm not sure how she will react to being showcased here, but subbes is another auld acquaintance from before my LJ era. She used to simply go by the name "Anathema" back then. We were on a mailing list that later expelled me (and indeed all Norwegian users) after 9/11. (If you fail to get the irony, Norway is widely recognized as America's pet poodle.)

Today "Subbes" comes across as simply geek girl extraordinaire, thank the Light. But there has been things posted in that journal that could make grown men cry. Or puke. Or masturbate. (Not that I would do that, of course.) She compares to me as Badly Drawn Kittens to Peanuts. Or Hellblazer to Superboy. Or Ebichu to Hamtaro. You get the idea. She is not mainstream. She is not vanilla. She is not the girl next door. Or if she is, you have an interesting neighborhood. Please inform me of any vacancies.

Do I need to mention that she is smart and a good writer?
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And now a word from our hamsters ...

We interrupt this program to inform you all that you can now talk to a computer about hamsters, and nothing but hamsters. For free.

I happen to think this is an obvious application for artificial intelligence. Much like robots have found their niche in toxic and dangerous workplaces, where a human would soon succumb to sickness and death.

And now, back to our regulalarly scheduled programming.
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