May 13th, 2003


LJ friends

Most of the people on my friends list already know each other better than I do, often much better. But there are exceptions. And besides, I bet some of you wonder what I REALLY think of you. ^_^ So starting now, I will write a few words about some of my LJ friends. Look forward to it!
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"A girl I like": Tsaiko

tsaiko is from the AR (Acid Reflux) milieu - the online comic, not the disease. She rarely writes much in her LJ except links to Dance of the Hours, her pitas journal. What she writers there, however, is always interesting. She also has another website, and writes quite a bit of fan fiction. She writes good fiction too, except some of it is indecent even by Scandinavian standards. Oh well. I guess fictional characters have needs too. Fictional needs, but still. (Aren't needs often fictional anyway?)

I really like Tsaiko because she is highly intelligent without being arrogant. (Well, unduly arrogant.) This is a trait that draws me like pheromones draws a male beetle ... even a single molecule of the stuff has me all excited. ^*^ She is a geologist and a paleontologist, and knows a lot of dinosaurs by name. Non-singing dinosaurs. Could it be better? She is also rather cute, although I have only small and grainy pictures to support me here. And she is way cool because even if you tell her that she is cool, she will not believe it. Kinda like Sakaki-san from Azumanga Daioh. Oh, and she has kind of humor I love: Subtle, dry, witty. Could it be any better?

My love for Tsaiko is extremely platonic, though, because not only am I a dork living half a planet away, I am also old enough to be her father. And to tell the truth, I would have been proud as a rooster to have a daughter like that.
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The Eternal Brother: LightHawk

lighthawk is not my brother, of course. He is the generic brother. Everyone's brother, even the girls. This is not necessarily a good thing in the long run ... I think people may miss out on his other dimensions. He is a young man of considerable depth and courage, fiercely loyal to his ideals and to his friends.

Lighthawk is another Acid Refluxer, but the ecchiness (indecency) of the forums and channels has bounced off him like water on wax. He has an innocence that comes from choice rather than simple inexperience, a rare thing. And unlike some "pure" people he is not a party killer, but a man of considerable humor, an avid roleplayer and my best source of advice on anime. If Lighthawk recommends an anime, it is the next thing to an angel from Heaven coming down and saying "You are going to like this one!" I have never failed to enjoy anything he has recommended.

Lighthawk is an avid Go player (or at least he was last I heard). I hope some day to be able to have him play a teaching game with me ... if only we lived in similar time zones ...
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The irreverent reverend: Skyknyt

One more Acid Refluxer here. At first I thought skyknyt was just a thoughtless ecchi teenboy, angry at religion for not getting any. Rarely have I been more wrong. Skye is a mystic like myself (well, not entirely like me, but more so than most). While I have chosen to integrate my mystic experiences with my religion, Skye has chosen to nourish his skepticism. Incidentally, he is an ordained minister ... a story in itself. As for not getting any ... Skye is one of the most handsome men I have seen on the web (well, excluding those who make a living from it) - either that or correspondingly photogenic. Good thing we are not rivals ... usually. ^_^

Skye was the helpful person who sent me the Shrouded Island expansion pack from America (I cannot use the European version). He is also a veteran Daggerfall player and allround nice guy. So I guess he is OK ... for a goddamn heathen ...

Oh yeah, and he's writing fiction too. Some of it is really really weird, but what do you expect? Weirdness or even creepiness in fiction has never booted anyone off my friends list, nor is it likely to start now.
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