April 20th, 2003


Signs of old age ...

My back has been aching since late this morning.

It does not hurt when I'm playing DAoC though. Or only marginally. Only when I stand up or lie down. So it's not bad.
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Lucky dream

When I went to bed last night, my back was aching pretty bad. It was hard to turn from side to side, and really painful to lie on my back. Still, I slept, repeatedly. And a way into the night I dreamt.

In my dream, I was standing naked in a shallow river. Flying sprites were hovering and dancing in the air around me; they were rather large for sprites, almost human size, but had a translucent quality of energy beings. They were casting small healing spells on me, at least some of them were; they were all very positive to me, I could feel that, but the spells were taken from their life energy and some were more reluctant than others to give up themselves to heal a human. But some were quite eager to help, and I felt better and better.

When I woke up later, my back was still a bit sore, but it did not hurt bad anymore.

Hmm, if there ever was an occasion for fan art, this must be it. ^*^ Still, it was a nice dream, and the effect was even nicer.
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