April 18th, 2003


Hikaru no Go 70

I have to say, this would have been a good place to stop the series. There was a lot of finality in this episode. Virtually all the dangling threads were tied up. A very satisfying episode. There will be more, though.
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Through some mixture of luck and inspiration, I suddenly discovered how to write files to my DVD-writer. Good thing I had not returned it! I had to use the tool kit that followed with it, to format the platter as a DVD. By default the station treated it as a CD, which would have been a waste if it had worked, which luckily it didn't. This works however. I am now happily herding the first twenty or so Naruto episodes over to their retirement home on a DVD. This should secure enough space on my hard disk until the shops open again on Saturday. And there is no doubt that a DVD takes up a lot less shelf space than an equivalent stack of CDs.
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