April 16th, 2003


Gay bondage domination ducksex

For those who don't read my long-winded daily journal, the Chaos Node, it may still be of interest (especially since most of you are pervs) that yesterday I found an old Donald Duck paperback in which I had once cut out two pictures of a captured Donald in a tight skirt being 1) carried over the shoulder by a bandit and 2) being slapped on the rear by a bandit. I can only suppose that the pictures were thoroughly destroyed, unlike the rest of the paperback. But of course I still remember them ... I remember virtually every comic book I have read and every movie I have seen. I guess that explains a lot.

OK, now onward to Narue no Sekai episode 2. Uh oh.
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Yay 2!

Watched the first episode of anime "To Heart" (shouldn't that be "Heart to Heart" or something?). It was not funny or dramatic or anything, just kinda sweet and cuddly. I kinda liked it, and certainly want to download episodes 2 and 3 now.

According to AnimeNfo, it was loosely based on a dating simulator. I am not sure what a dating simulator is, except for The Sims Hot Date, but I want one. ^*^
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