April 12th, 2003


I am so glad!

-The day is bright, the snow from last night is melting. It is pretty, outside. I'll take a walk soon.
-My Overly Defensive Paladin is finally old enough to hunt Plated Fiends on his own, so all his worries about equipment and money are over.
-I have money to pay my bills and still buy all the snacks I can eat, and still have something for a friend.
-Over at http://www.animesuki.com/ there is a truckload of new anime the last few days. And The Small One has made a program that lets us reseeders check on how much of a file is already divided among the leeches, so we don't need to seed false empties.
-And my body doesn't hurt anywhere.
-It is spring, and the trees have buds. Soon, like a miracle of biblical proportions, the forest will waken and put its spring clothes on and sing in the breeze. Light willing, I will be there; but if not, the forest will still sing.
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