March 31st, 2003


Decisions, decisions...

Naruto 25. Mahou Tsukai ni Taisetsu 12. Family-friendly shounen-ai fiction. An essay on music and spirituality. Sleep.
One of those will have to wait. But which? Wonder which? ^_^

Love love love fiction

Somewhat to my surprise, my fictional Yukiko seems to steal the show. Unlike the rest of them, she tells her own story in first person perspective. This night's chapter, Farewells, is a trip down her memories. We learn more about her infatuation with Eishi/Nazo, and of course we get to see a younger Eishi and Akio-kun hug and cuddle, as is good and proper. All very family friendly.

I am starting to like my Yukiko. Yes, she has clearly read too many cheap novels and is too introverted for her own good. But beneath all the flourishes of eternal love is a shy girl who really really wants to be accepted and have a shot at the normal family life that fate (and her parents) never gave her. No wonder she has had to piece together her ideas of "love" from magazines and paperbacks.
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