March 29th, 2003


A really weird dream

I dreamt that I was going to college. I must have been young, but I don't know how young; I didn't look at myself. One day as I was seeing the doctor, I accidentally saw some notes that he should not have left on his desk. Evidently the Japanese girl who had been there before me had discussed the fact that she was pregnant and considered an abortion. Also, according to the notes, I was the father.

The Japanese girl was shy and gentle, and we got along great. I was probably her closest friend except for one girl which she used to hang out with all the time. But you don't beget children by getting along. And then I remembered the one time shortly before Easter when I had been really drunk... evidently it had not been my imagination after all! But why hadn't she told me about the pregnancy? We met every day, and we were still friends; I felt rather upset that she had kept me in the dark.

I confronted her when next we met. I said I wanted to marry her and to provide for my child. She seemed taken aback by this; but her other friend, the girl, decided that they should test me to find out whether I really would do something difficult for her. So they asked me to make a sculpture or a carving of a porcupine. In jelly. Within two days.

Poor me, what was I to do? Sculpting is as easy to me as flying by flapping my arms. But on my way to the mall I suddenly remembered the porcupine candle I have at home. So I used that and made a cast in which I made the jelly porcupine. It was not a very detailed porcupine, but it was clearly a porcupine, and I passed the test. Luck and my quick thought had allowed me to do the seemingly impossible, and I felt confident that this was a sign for our future.

The next test involved military equipment, but it was so over the top that I woke up.
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Weird anime

OK, I was really baffled by "Nurse Witch Komugi-chan". It is like those childish anime where a little girl magically transforms into a magical princess. Except the main character seems to be past puberty and there are random outbreaks of unprovoked ecchiness. Apart from that, it is held in the same childish style as the kiddie anime. Who is the supposed audience of this one? Horny preschoolers? Severely retarded perverts? Or people with a severe hospital fetish problem? (We're talking a nurse with bunny ears here, people. A nurse with bunny ears. Be afraid.)