March 24th, 2003


Out of hand again ...

That is, my hand is starting to go numb and hurt. It is earlier in the spring than it uses to be. I have now installed Dragon NaturallySpeaking on my new computer, and the fan here makes a bit less noise, but I still need to train it for a while. This evening.

On the bright side, Mahou Tsukai ni Taisetsu 11 is up on . W00t! The previous episode was kinda not completed or self-contained the way the others were. It is downloading pretty fast too. As you may have guessed from my writing, I love Someday's Dreamers, although I don't clone it.
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Since my last post, I have trained my speech recognition software by reading aloud from Dogbert's top-secret management handbook. Sadly this is more than I usually speak during one day, so my voice at the end is not the same as at the beginning. Even so, I am dictating this. My hand wants to express its gratitude.

And besides, the anime is finished downloading already!
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