March 14th, 2003


Exit Plextor, enter LiteOn

The PlexWriter had continued to degrade until yesterday it managed to ruin 6 CD-R without writing one single one correctly. Today I handed it in for repairs, and was informed that this would take approximately two weeks.

I went to a competing shop and bought a cheaper but slightly uglier LiteOn USB. The existing installation of Nero Burning ROM refuses to recognize it, but Windows XP recognize it via the USB, and opens the "send to [CD-RW]" function. I still had a problem burning my first CD on it, but this seems to stem from my attempt to drag around the files within the write image folder after sending them there but before burning. As long as I just send the files to the burner in the correct order, this method actually seems simpler than using Nero (not to mention less evil).

Tentative conclusion: Either Plextor sucks or I was simply unlucky with the CD writer from them.
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On a vaguely related note

You know you've watched enough Jungle Wa Itsuma Hale Nochi Guu when you run the Media Player minimized and you can still follow the story by the soundtrack alone, even though you don't understand Japanese.
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