March 6th, 2003



The anime Kanon has been the last week's featured retro anime on

It is almost realistic, which only makes it more weird. Because there are a few things that happen that are not natural at all, or are they? Is this girl really a fox? Is that girl really an angel? Who is dead, and who is alive? Is it all a dream, and if so, whose? Especially the ending, the last five minutes unravels much of the whole story. I sure would not have bawled like a toddler at episode 12 if I had seen episode 13 first.

The ending was not at all what I hoped for, but at least there was a word of wisdom from Akiko-san there. I wish I had said that! "Love exists to foster people. Even if that love is unrequited, those feelings are nourishments for living." (OK, I guess I wish I could have said that i better English too, but I like the general idea.)
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