March 2nd, 2003


Mahou Tsukai ni Taisetsu

I started to watch this anime last night, but because of work this morning (and all day) I could not finish until tonight. Well, actually I have only found 7 episodes so far, but they are all good. They don't tell a continuous story, but a new story each time. But since some of the same characters come back, a backstory still gradually unfolds, a story not so much told as implied. I expect that by the end of the series (13 episodes) that story will also be known to us.

I wonder why it is called Someday's Dreamers, though. Not only is that somewhat clumsy English, but I know "mahou" means magic and I strongly believe that "mahou tsukai" means magic wielder or some similar name for mage. Anyway, it is cute and rather pure. And don't tell me that the main character is 17. She may just pass as 14 with some goodwill, but I would have guessed 12-13. It would make more sense in every way if she was younger.

Anyway, it is a great reason to sit up in the middle of the night. Cute and thought provoking. Just like me, ne? ^_^
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Creepy dream

I dreamt that angels came down and wandered around, telling each and every one that the time was up, and whether you were saved or damned. They told me that I was outside the Kingdom of God. I tried to reason with them, but it wasn't in their hand. The decision was final.

The angels did not even bother to send us to Heaven or Hell. They gave the saved some kind of invisible protection, so that none of the damned could harm them or even come near them. The saved went off to do their own things, we damned were left to our own devices. There was random violence, but nobody lifted a hand to stop it, neither police nor bystanders. Who cared? We were going to hell anyway, what did it matter?

I was trying to arrange some semblance of order and meaning to our remaining life, but there was no one who cared. Everyone was drained of all hope and all will to look forward. We were just withering away, executing the sentence on ourselves and each other with no outside help. We had been told to go to Hell, and we did so on our own feet. And there was nothing I could do to stop it.
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