February 17th, 2003



It wasn't the burned CD's. Turned out that my CD reader would not read ANY CDs. After I pulled out the CD burner, restarted, opened the CD drive ("cupholder") and closed it again, it worked. And then it read the burned CDs too. All is well that ends reasonably well.

Today was a good day for reading Zebra Girl, the comic about a young woman who accidentally gets turned into a demon. It is not a very good comic, in my humble opinion, but it features a main character that sets people on fire. It kinda fit in with the CD burner from Hell. Burn, CDs, burn!
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ADSL episode 2: Attack of the clowns!

Wednesday last week I called my ISP, Telenor, and ordered an upgrade of my ADSL. I currently have 704/128 with 1 GB download limit, after which it goes down to 64/128. That's not so bad, really, but since it seems the acquisition of anime is here to stay for a long while I wanted the higher upload speed in particular. So I ordered an upgrade to 1024/128/30 GB.

I've grown steadily more curious in the days since, as nothing happened. Well, I got a letter on Saturday confirming my ADSL subscription, but it was very general. Today I checked the status of my order online, and found that it was delivered the day after, as the guy had expected. Except what they delivered was 704/128 ... the same that I already had. I wonder whether I will be charged for the cost of upgrading from 704/128 to 704/128 ... given the state of astounding ineptness that permeates Telenor, this seems likely. I'll be happy to see them in court in that case; I spend way too little time in court.

A slightly apologetic woman today found that the order was for 1024/256/30 and promised to get a move on it. Back when I first got ADSL, it took a month and three tries. This time I intend for the three tries to take less time.

Times are tough in the telecom sector, I am told. I am not sure what is cause and what is effect, though.
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