January 31st, 2003


Before I go to work

I want to mention that Guu Deluxe is subtly different from the original series. Well, the first 4 illusions were, at least. Slicker, and more traditionally relationship oriented.

Still, it was quite a jump to see Figure 17, episode 1. It was so carefully constructed, I would believe it was made by teachers. It lacked the raw madness of myth that I was getting used to from Guu. (With Guu, you could honestly believe that it was made after taking illegal substances.) Figure 17 was slightly boring, at least the first episode. Even the drama was so carefully crafted. But the music ... there was this song without words that was used twice in this episode, as a kind of background. It was so beautiful! I suddenly remembered that I have a minidisc player ... you know the technology that was the last greatest thing before MP3 came and strangled it at birth. I found room on one of the disks, so now I can enjoy it when I'm out walking. The last thing I did that with was the Morrowind theme melody, I believe.
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    Figure 17 background song


Listening to the beautiful Figure17 theme song makes me want to write fiction, but I'm not sure what. Something fluffy and romantic. Sadly I slept only a few minutes last night, and only a few minutes at work either, so I am kinda blurred in my brain right now.

BUT! Talk about timing. My 5 GB of fast download expires less than 3 hours before the month changes over and I get another GB of fast download. ^_^ Perhaps I should check up this anime called Hikaru no Go ... I've seen praise for it, but I have no idea what it is.

Or perhaps I should just calm down...
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    Figure 17 theme song