January 22nd, 2003


Fun with .AVI files (or not)

Well, inspired by skyknyt I went and installed BitTorrent. Torrent is hardly the word, load times are snail-like on my machine at least unless there are dozens of other leeches. Which is not an obvious thing with fansubbed anime ... Anyway, I actually managed to download a file. It was in .AVI format. My brand new Windows Media Player decided that this was a sound file. The sound is certainly genki and all, but that's not quite what I expected ...

Time to look for an alternate player. Or go to bed.

Download succeeded ...

In fact, it succeeded so well that I now have used my entire month's quota of fast ADSL (1 GB) for January. Download speed is now reduced to 64KB/sec from a theoretical 10MB/sec. But I can still upload at 128KB/sec like before. I guess I shouldn't, though, because evidently there's a flurry of metadata or handshakes or something that chokes my remaining download connection to a trickle.

I may actually have to quit some or all of my upload windows in order to play DAoC. That's just too bad. On the other hand, I'm not using video conferencing or anything that requires high speed. (Besides, I could buy more fast download if I really wanted to.)
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Theory confirmed

With even 2 upload windows open, DAoC was lagging seconds after my actions all the time. When I closed them, it worked quite fine. 64 KB/sec is quite enough for me. I can turn the upload windows on when I leave the machine running.
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Oh, and ... Down with Mouse!

That's one anime I'm not going to help distribute. Møuse (Mouse). It's about a master thief who can steal absolutely anything, and three hyper-endowed young women who want to force their carnal attentions on him, and a couple of pathetic law enforcers acting stupid. The ecchi scenes are poorly integrated in the plot, such as it is; they seem to serve no other purpose than to convey the idea that if you are a thief you can't avoid getting some. What kind of message is that to send to young impressionable souls? It's not even true, you know.

(Not that Morrowind isn't going on about the lovable rogues too, but at least it's romantic instead of ecchi. Besides, in Morrowind you can kill the lovable rogues and leave their corpse there as a reminder.)
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