December 31st, 2002


Snail mail

Wow! Post cards! Thank you, Kellie and David! Thank you, "Tsaiko"! *hugs* Even though I don't know how you found my snail address, I do appreciate it. ^_^

Also got a letter from brother. Seems a new generation relative of mine has Asperger Syndrome. Oh well. It's not exactly a disaster. I would have been more worried if he were evil or greedy.

And finally, a comic from City of Heroes. I've read it online already, except for the last panels. In the glass monter it goes.

Not bad for a week of snail mail. Of course, there is also a large stack of mail order catalogs and such, but then again there always is. With snail mail, I have at least the satisfaction of knowing that they've paid for the stuff I don't read, so they lose a little bit of money every time. May it soon be that way on the Net too! Now, off to works.
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Still here

Diarrhea is a really shitty thing. Good thing then that I'm not having a party here. Well, I may have one for my Sims, perhaps.

I broke a tooth on Xmas night, and still haven't got to the dentist. (Though I did get to work today, eventually.) There is a slight pain over it, but I can't say if it's from the root channel or the sinus ... had a pretty bad cold yesterday which may have hurt the sinuses. I did not feel anything before that.

On the bright side (such as it is), I managed to harmlessly remove the GeForce 3 from my PC and put back in the GeForce 2. The computer now again works quite well. I believe the 2 will be enough to run Shrouded Isles, only without the glitz and not particularly fast. If we live, we will learn. This computer is slightly over 1 year old, a bit early to retire even here in Norway!

Fireworks are going off continually outside already. Of course, these are mostly cheap and fairly small fireworks. Still, it is definitely that night. I may sneak out later and take a peek. Perhaps. It is quite cold outside. In fact, it is somewhat chilly inside too. Did you know the Vikings believed their "hell" was not burning hot but freezing cold? Niflheim, the destination of the unlamented dead, was a hell of cold. I can understand their view on a day like this one.
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