December 17th, 2002


A very moderate whine

I got to upload the saturdiary, but the sundiary is still on hold due to FTP problems. It is not that I am not here.

I woke up an hour or so ago after going to bed around 20:30. A little little for a night's sleep, but being able to sleep outside of office hours is still a progress in itself.
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Help me get Shrouded Isles, will you?

This is for my North American friends. Shrouded Isles is the expansion pack to Dark Age of Camelot. Because there is a slightly less developed version of DAoC sold in Europe, the expansion pack is not distributed here. At least not for a while, and then in a version not compatible with the American servers. Thus, I need 1 of you to hare over to the local game store, buy a Shrouded Isles, mail it to me in Norway, and get your reward in this life. Not necessarily in that order.

Due to Norway not yet being a part of the USA, money orders are kinda hard to arrange (we quit using those when I was a small kid, a few decades ago). If you want to divulge your bank accound number and street address (not here obviously) I can wire you the money from my Net bank. Or you could set up a small Amazon wish list with items priced in excess of your expenses, and I'll buy it for you. I do not plan to leave myself in your debt either way. Contact me for details.

It should be kinda evident from context that this all only applies to you peopel who I know already. And even if you cheerfully ignore this request, we'll still be friends.
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