December 8th, 2002



w00t1) My DSL provider admitted that there was a bug in their connection software (the one that disconnects me after 20 minutes of activity instead of inactivity) and provided a fix. So I don't need to upgrade to XP on my desktop just yet, I guess.

w00t2) Online railroad ticket ordering. Got the seats for my trip both ways. Fast and efficient. Online order, online pay. Sometimes I remember when I was a kid and we used a horse and carriage when we went to the shop, and shared a phone line and much static with four other farms. Things have improved.

w00t2.5) The tickets are for spending a week around Xmas with my best friend and her family. I have no idea why she keeps doing this (except for getting lots of gifts) but since I love her more even than solitude, I carefully don't ask.

w00t3) Gaheris, the cooperative DAoC server. Meet interesting people and don't kill them. The first DAoC server for conscientious objectors.
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    Just the voices in my head singing some jungle thing.