December 3rd, 2002


Today is Shrouded Isles day

The expansion pack to DAoC, for those who for some reason don't know. But it is not even out in Norway yet. Suggested retail here is early February, but the boy at Gamezone said they would try to get in the American version earlier than that. He said that some days ago. I haven't been in town for some days. Today I dared myself to the shop in the afternoon and bought food. Food! I had mostly dry pasta left.

Oh, and I really wonder whether to upgrade to Windows XP or get a new machine. No matter what I do, the desktop machine drops DSL connection every 20 minutes, regardless of what program I am using at the time. Besides, it is not exactly stable otherwise either. My pocket PC synch program works once, then I have to exit and restart it if I want to synch again without having rebooted my PC. Sometimes programs hang with no further explanation. Sometimes programs hang, and when I press Ctrl-Alt-Del there is some system process not responding. After I remove it, there's usually not too long before the whole system comes crashing down. It wasn't like that on the portable with Windows XP. I suppose it is because of XP, not because it is a HP. But I don't know. Perhaps I should buy a new computer instead ... It's not that big a difference in price from buying a new operating system...

Linguistical confuscillation

While I should by rights worry about my native New Norwegian being eroded by the Danish-inspired Book Language, I find instead that my English is being caterpillared by Japanese. Before joining the Acid Reflux community, my knowledge of Japanese was mostly "kamikaze" and "harakiri". Now there are lots of other phrases, like kawaii ecchi otaku hentai manga omake. (The frightening thing is, that string of words almost made sense.) And this despite the fact that Acid Reflux has nothing to do with these things at all.

Then again, we had the same in the Robert Jordan newsgroup, where people started writing unix. People who only responded when their names were mentioned were said to "grep", and if too irritating they were told to "fsck off". At least Japanese is a real language, even if it is not really used the way Americans use it. Then again, Engrish is not spoken the way Japanese do either ... ^_^*
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