November 26th, 2002


And again ...

Uninstalled and reinstalled ADSL. Downloaded ndis.vxd from Microsoft and put it in the appropriate folder. The problem persists. There was no problem before the USB hub power supply overheated. Which, frankly, cannot logically have anything to do with anything because power supplies don't have drivers and never had.

If I am going to spend my nights wading through randomly named small files and not be able to get on the Net with that machine, I could as well install Linux. That sure sounds like a description of Linux to me. Besides, chicks dig penguins.

Since I am writing this with a hot laptop on my lap, I better stop now.
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Holiday shopping

Went through the Amazon wishlists I had bookmarked and bought some little thing for each. If you know you're a good friend of me (or cute might work too) and you haven't linked to your wish list, you better be quick, because Santa is on his sleigh only for so long. Due to the primitive banking systems in the USA, this is pretty much the only way I can help alleviate the poverty of the downtrodden student underclass over there. ^_^

I am in a good mood (god mode?) today, evidently. Got mail from best friend. Will spend Christmas with best friend. Still love best friend (but carefully, very carefully).
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