November 25th, 2002


Gadget overload

I suddenly got an error message from my computer: A unit was disconnected without being released. A quick look showed that the lights were out on my Jensen USB hub. I checked the small power supply at the socket, and it was so hot to the touch it was uncomfortable to hold. Then again, it has been hot for a long time. I guess it just finally gave up. Better than catching fire, I guess. There was a USB zip drive attached, but it has its own power supply. Likewise the cradle for the pocket PC. That leaves the network card and the webcam. I guess the webcam could draw some power.

Anyway, after this event the computer froze. When I restarted it, it reported a "windows protection error" and asked me to turn off the machine. I did this and it came up in secure mode. I've turned it off and on a few times with no improvement. I'm using the portable now, while trying various things on the desktop computer. Pity the poor people who have only one computer...
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I have no idea what this is, but it crashes my machine. And when I start without it, it still claims the TCP/IP is missing. Oh well. I probably need to re-install something. Still, strange that this should result from an overheating USB power supply. (Which wasn't even needed on this machine ... it turns out the desktop can power all the USBs quite fine once it is forced to take over the load. Except the camera. Which I don't use every day, sadly for all my adoring fans. Uhm. Hello? Adoring fans? Where are you?)