November 23rd, 2002


This is becoming a habit ...

Getting to bed at 10-11 in the evening like some normal, and waking up at 5-6 in the morning. Sleeping away the prime keep raiding time in DAoC ...

On the side of brightness, the new cooperative server is up at DAoC. No realm vs realm on this one ... the Forces of Evil have taken over all the frontier keeps, and the 3 realms have allied to take them back. You have 3 times as much homeland to explore, and 3 times as many friends to make. This is bound to become the primary flirt server! ^_\ I am so going to go there! It's still in early beta, but I'm already testing it out.
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Wuzzy DAoC server love

I really enjoy the cooperative server, though there's a bit too few people on it yet. Now Dark Age of Camelot has 3 different types of server: Realm vs Realm war (standard), Player Killing, and no-PK. That should cover most tastes, I think!

The extended broadcast channel was soon put to use for friendly chatting, asking for advice and directions, and offers of help. It looks like the place could get some really nice atmosphere.

If you have DAoC and want to try it, you have to use the Camtest program, not the usual Camelot program. It is still in beta. When online, I'm likely to be either Itland the Paladin or Steinhellar the Troll Shaman. ^_^
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