November 19th, 2002


Stellar performance? Not quite.

Was up like 4.20 today to watch the Leonids (?), meteor swarm, was supposed to be great here in Norway. Dressed up in two layers of fluffy sweaters, as it was frost but no wind. Evidently students from the local amateur photo academy had got the same great idea (except for more normal clothes) and there were probably as many students as meteors. Not impressive. Then again the moon was full and there were street lampst not too far off. And at least the meteors streaked across the sky, the students not.

I came home and did not have the key in my pocket. Luckily I backtracked and picked it up near the observation spot. I had kept it in the same pocket as my handkerchief. Before this I briefly considered getting help from a student or two to get me through the bathroom window - it should work if I haven't put on too much weight - but luckily this was not necessary today. Extra luckily because as I say, these were photo students. ^_^*
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