November 8th, 2002


Getting better now

Head cold virtually gone, digestion stabilized to a point where I actively plan to go out and hunt for food. Work Monday, I suppose.

Word count on novel 17100. "Demon Cat" completed, and the beginning of a plot becomes visible, which should eventually bring together our characters. I hope. I have trouble writing the next chapter, "Innocence of demons", will have to rewrite (for the first time so far) but just a bit.

LiveJournal is acting up again, does not allow me to log in. There comes extremely technical text at the top of the screen, seems to just spill onto the page rather than be presented in a box or anything, then it just doesn't take. I remain outlogged.
But all is not lost; the unconquerable will strikes again... Instead, I write a reply to a friend's post, there is a login option, and it activates when I choose preview so I never need to submit. ^_^ And w00t, I am logged in again and can read friends-only posts.
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Food! Glorious food!

Actually, the strawberry yoghurt tasted all wrong and cheesy, but the rice meal was wonderful. (What's wrong with people that they can't even get a yoghurt right?) And the ice cream is still waiting, not to mention the more serious food. I'll get to that later, I hope. Oh yes, food is good. Not a bad word about soup ... but ... it's soup.

Taking a walk, how much I have missed that! (And it's been, like, 3 days?) The voices in my head were positively babbling to give me a better version of the current chapter (14, Demonic innocence).

There went the ice cream too. Oh man, I'm sooo stuffed!
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