November 5th, 2002



I wonder why some people want to look (or sound) sexy when they don't want sex. I mean, I don't doubt that this is the case, I just wonder what goes on in their head.

Are they just doing to others what they want others to do to them? Or does it give them a feeling of power? Do they just want attention? Or does it give a low-level excitement, like many people get from looking at others? Something else entirely?
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As I am home sick, I have written the sickest chapter yet. It is also the first chapter in which there is no humor at all. Or at least only a grim, evil humor. "Blonde hair, blue jeans" is the title of the song that almost destroyed Chris de Burgh's career. I wonder if it'll be doing the same to me, but the Elisabeth character in my head insisted I write this one. She says it's essential to the plot. We plan to return to harmless innuendo in the next chapter.

Oh yes. Excerpt.
Then he is over her, grabbing her wrists, hauling her onto the open floor. She falls on her back easily enough, and he pins her to the floor, arms stretched out. The small vest, unbuttoned now, has slid wide open. She is wearing a white T-shirt with a logo, a mix of the woman symbol and one of those satanic stars, and the text Demon Girl. He chuckles. "Demon girl, huh?"

She starts to resist. She begins to push with those slim, lightly tanned arms. He laughs and grinds her into the floor, showing her who is the master. She meets his eyes. Sees his resolution. And then the mask fades completely.

("Demon-Girl" symbol and T-shirt (c) Justin Pierce, )
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