September 13th, 2002


This doesn't look good for the doves..

Examples of the optimistic and ebullient social mood pervading the US currently include "essentially worldwide peace," he said. "Wars tend to follow bear markets as they are a result of a negative, fearful and angry social mood."

He cited the Revolutionary War, the Civil War and World War II as examples of wars that followed bear markets.

"The fact that you can look around the world and see very little fighting and people getting along quite well is a reflection of the fact that the social mood trend is up and has been for a long time," he said.

Robert Prechter, in an interview around the turn of the century.
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ISP weirdity

With my main ISP, on the portable computer, I am often unable to read my favorite online comics, especially from Keenspace but often also Keenspot. Even when I get through, they are quite slow. It's not a problem with the local connection - I can download quite fine from Norwegian sites and many American too. But not Keen. When I switch to my backup ISP, I get to Keen quite fine. Evidently the two use different routes between here and there, and one of these is blocked. probably not by design but due to overload or something.

I wonder how this will work with the ADSL which I am supposed to get tomorrow... It's kinda pointless to have high speed and continuous access if you don't get where you want to go.
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