September 11th, 2002


Capricious fate, or at least is trying to sell me The Hidden Connections: Integrating The Biological, Cognitive, And Social Dimensions Of Life Into A Science Of Sustainability by Fritjof Capra.

I suppose this recommendation is somehow vaguely inspired by my buying geology textbooks for the tsaiko, which is a more scary thought than if it were just random. The ever present review concludes: "The Hidden Connections will spark enormous debate in the scientific community and inspire us to think about the future of humanity in a new way."

(For those who don't get the joke: In the scientific community, Capra is right up there with Nostradamus and the Animal Liberation Front, after he used his professional titles to lend credibility to his prozelyting for oriental religion.)

Don't forget ... what, exactly?

And so the first 9/11 since the Fall of the Towers draws to a close here in the Chaos Node. I don't think people will forget easily - it took my country 60 years to forget April 9, 1940, when we were betrayed by Germany. It may last as long as this generation lives. But if we don't forget, what have we learned? I find that my conclusion this night is the same as it was exactly One year ago: "Whenever someone tells you to obey without thinking, remember this day."
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