September 1st, 2002


9 hours for this??

I wake up and find that I have slept away nearly 9 hours of my valuable life time and all I have to show for it is this weird dream in which I participate in a role playing with dolls contest and am about to win the first price using my MindMistress doll and two small generic NPC dolls, then suddenly the NPCdolls disappear in a matter of seconds while the only person close enough to steal them is my friend Margaret (No, there is no such person in real life, nor do I do such things in real life). Margaret denies all, and I don't win the competition and the simulated money that goes with it. After all have dispersed, I talk to Margaret and spend a lot of time getting through to her to find out why she would do such a thing, while I show that I accept her as a person and believe that whatever reasons she has must be valid reasons to her. This is complicated by the fact that it turns out that she has indeed stolen and dismembered the small soft NPC dolls, but she doesn't know why. But at least we become even better friends than before. And then I wake up and she is gone forever. What a waste of time.