August 14th, 2002


It's that time of the month ...

when all the bills are due. Now that should reasonably be expected to make people emotionally unhinged. Especially on months such as this, when the phone bills and the utility bill and the Internet bill come together, arm in arm. I've just paid a heap of them via my Net bank. (Hey, kids, did you know I get 6.7% interest on deposits in my Net bank? It rules to be Norwegian sometimes!) Anyway, it was kinda nice that I had enough money to pay it all and then some. This is what happens when you don't suddenly need new stuff just because there's fewer bills one month. They'll be back.
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How did I get from "summon skeletal rat" to "Adult Home Study Courses in the Catholic Faith" in 3 small steps?

Perhaps I should go to sleep now.
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