August 4th, 2002


Artificial Intelligence vs Natural Stupidity: 0-0 at pause evidently uses advanced AI algorithms to come up with special offers to tempt their customers. But since my contact with them, apart from a book a couple years ago, is based on Shmitz & Delphina's wedding registry ...
Yes, indeed. is tempting me with nifty family-friendly household objects.

On a related note: If you're a poor starving student and want small nifty gifts, get yourself an Amazon wishlist because I am not flying over with my reindeer. It helps if you go through some important and scary ritual, like marriage or circumcision or initiation into the Cult of N'wah. Acts of gross debauchery don't count ... gross debauchery is supposed to be its own reward. (Not that I would know, of course.)
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