August 3rd, 2002



This morning I woke up from an incredibly long and complex dream which I cannot possibly remember in all its detail. But basically I was sent alone to a parallel world as part of a scientific experiment. Or perhaps a parallel time stream - the geography was the same, but civilization was still pre-industrial, mostly farmers and fishermen. There was some magic, which was of a slightly Morrowind-like nature, but the place was not full of magic the way Tamriel is, nor was there any sign of organized magic use with guilds and stuff. On the other hand, people were not witch-burners. I did a few miracles and they considered me a hero. (For instance I found a scroll of Feed Multitude, which gives a fish to everyone in sight ...) I noticed that it was generally colder here, and thought that this might prove that human activities do indeed contribute to the greenhouse effect. I had some problems getting back to the pick-up point in time, but just barely managed. After a while in our own world (a little into the future) I managed to get them to send me back for another year, and I was still there when the dream ended.