July 6th, 2002


Unnatural speech recognition

My speech recognition program arrived in the mail today! This was a pleasant surprise, since they had already charged my credit card. The program came with a microphone, which I attached to the portable computer. I spent approximately one hour training the program before I realized that the microphone was just not very good.I then tried again with the desktop computer and the microphone I bought for voice chat in the Acid Reflux channel. (Good old days!) This went much better.

Before I got Dragon NaturallySpeaking, my hands had been hurting for months, especially the right one. But now my hands are hurting, and my throat too. I had forgotten how unaccustomed I am to talking: Usually when I speak with friends for an hour, I actually use my voice for perhaps five minutes. More if it's only one friend, unless it's a very good friend.I'm afraid if I spend one more hour training this program, it will not recognize my normal voice, only my rusty one.

So don't expect me to complete my works of fiction tomorrow. But it does show promise. I already need to correct only one of two words per sentence most of the time. It still takes significantly more time than typing, but I actually use my hands less. This is good. I have also let it read through a few months of the Chaos Node, my daily journal, to expand its vocabulary in my direction.It is actually kind of fun.

As you may have guessed already, I have written this text with my microphone. (And the occasional helping finger...) Now, onward to IRC!
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