June 25th, 2002


Mixed bag

Talk to the hand .. it could use some comfort. It hurts again. (Actually the head was hurting too, but it's a bit better now. And I use my hand more...) I fell asleep on the bus home with my hand in an awkward position, which probably did not help either.

On the bright side, I have discovered that it is fun to say "chibi". I'm still not quite sure what a chibi is - evidently it is Japanese and means a usually female guardian spirit or something. Perhaps like the old Norse "fylgja", but much funnier to say. I think it is the funniest word I know how to pronounce right now, even better than the Norwegian word "maur" (pronounced mewrr) and the Finnish "kirje" (which cannot be pronounced in English at all, but would be something like "cirryeh" - except you people can't pronounce "r" unless you happen to be happy cats. Anyway, chibi is fun to say. Chibi chibi.

I guess I need sleep. But first I have to read all of Fur will fly.
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Is talk cheap?

I'm definitely getting speech recognition software. Since this spring, I have been forced to break my lifelong habit of writing fiction (OK, not lifelong ... I started around the age of 5 or 6) and it hurts. I even have to shorten my daily journal, where I used to write two or three entries a day and choose the one I preferred. Yeah, verily, it sucks to not be able to write as much as I want.

It is very hard to see any difference between the various speech recognition products for sale. They all seem to do the same. I'm currently looking at "Dragon Naturally Speaking" Essentials 5, which is available from Amazon.UK for 22.49. That's in a price range where I can afford to lose it all if it just doesn't work. Irritating, yes, but I would still be able to pay my rent.

Evidently the downside to this version compared to the "preferred" version is that you have to train it for at least 45 minutes before it makes sense at all. Well, I'd be happy to pour a whole evening into it if it can save my hand from a horrible, painful death.
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