May 27th, 2002


Another Itland classic

I have been feeling kinda down the last couple days, but reading this in my Chaos Node archives cheered me up greatly. There is nothing quite like bad poetry when you're feeling down. Yes, I made it myself two years ago. ^_^

"Belated Teen Angst"

Oh woe is me! The sun has set;
I sit her, trying to forget
my aching legs, my aching gut;
this town that's got no Pizza Hut.

The girl I love won't give me none
(and she is not the only one).
My bills are due, my landlord mad,
but I just sit here, lost and sad.

When others go to have a beer,
I tell them that the end is near.
And when they go to get some food,
I tell them that it is no good.

I've got no friends, I've got no dog,
and now I am too fat to jog.
I've got no car, I've got no house,
I'm poorer than a farmyard mouse.

Oh woe is me! I feel so sore
and soon I have no readers anymore.
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