May 17th, 2002


My night with Harry Potter

OK, not exactly, but I stayed up till morning watching the Harry Potter movie on DVD. I did not get to see the movie when it was around here, my movie friend was abroad. I was surprised by how ugly they had cast the teachers in general. The exception being Snape, of course, and for some reason the broomstick instructor. She was wildly hot. (Or is that just me?) I didn't notice such striking differences described in the book.

All in all the book was quite a bit better than the movie, but on the other hand you can't really express broomstick riding in a book however much you try. The movie really captured and amplified the thrill of that sport.

For some obscure reason there was also a second DVD in the box, which seems to contain a Harry Potter game. As if the world wasn't packed and stacked with Harry Potter games already.

I still think someone should make a movie of the Chronicles of Thomas Covenant. Oh well.
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