May 6th, 2002


Yes, I am a sexist

As I mentioned in a comment elsewhere, I honestly believe that men are (on average) biologically and socially inferior from birth. The average boy learns to tie his shoe laces half a year later than the average girl, and continues to lag behind in school until the age of 18. (When the girl's brain stops growing.) More than 70% of our prison inmates are men, and the more violent the crime the more likely it is to be perpetrated by a man. Men also are far more likely to commit suicide or die as a result of reckless behavior.

There are biological differences between the average male and female brain. While most women have speech centers in both hemispheres, few if any men have more than one. Most women have a visibly thicker connection between the two hemispheres than men. It is only to be expected that this gives them some benefits.

We men live a life that is comparatively nasty, brutish and short, and it is all our genes' fault and not just society. That's my story and I stick with it.

(This certainly doesn't mean that I think we should have less human rights, or that we are less eligible for spiritual advancement.)