April 25th, 2002


DAoC: The ultimate class revealed!

After months of playing lots of classes and watching others in action, I have finally decided on the ultimate, the Best Class in Dark Age of Camelot. And the winner is:
Enchanter! The realm is Hibernia, the server doesn't matter, and the race is elf (or lurikeen, I guess). It wins due to superior fun-ness and ease of play, and a positive attitude.

As an Enchanter, you can summon another elf (or lurikeen) to fight along with you. As you progress, you will get increasingly more competent companions. The EQ term "pet" seems grossly misleading with these creatures, though they are still under your control. Anyway, keep them buffed and healed and they will do the dirty job for you. You don't really need armor or weapons, except such as might enhance your skills. And you can boost your friends, and random strangers. People will stop you and beg you for a buff. And you can fight orange mobs alone without getting a scratch. Woo.

None of this is to say that I'll play this class exclusively, or even most of the time, or even more than other classes. There is no accounting for tastes. But if a newbie asks "what is the best class in DAoC?" then I'll say: "Elven Enchanter!"
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