April 17th, 2002


Desperate measures

I seriously consider switching to Dvorak keyboard layout to save wear and tear on my hand. I'd have to buy some keyboard labels, though. I am so not going to mechanize on my keyboard just for this experiment. Chances are I'd learn the layout pretty quickly - I already have some of it memorized after half an hour, but it is the less frequently used characters that confound me.

My wrist hurts pretty much constantly now.
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A SimCountry secret revealed

I periodically saved the maps of my Sim Country, in order to compare the road and rail network after my large investments in that sector. I took the newest map, color inverted it and pasted it onto the first, with a 50% transparency. That should cancel out all traits that were equal, and reveal my new network. Well, it did more than that.

There was a gap where one of my factories had been closed down, as the game had already informed me. What it had not told me was that there were several new state-owned corporations! That explain why I never have enough workers to start a new factory, despite a growing population and churning out key personnel. The administration evidently starts a random new factory whenever there is enough people.

You can play this game at http://www.simcountry.com/ .
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