April 11th, 2002



I have loved many of the Sim games from Maxis, and occasionally argued in favor of someone create a "Sim Nation". Civilization is a bit too broad in scope, and too long in perspective. Shadow President (and the sequel CyberJudas) were good, but they limited you to playing the USA and for a predefined time period.

http://www.simcountry.com is a country simulator for small countries in an alternate world. The laws of economics, politics and military are roughly the same, but none of the states are equivalent to any in our world. They are also fairly small, at least initially. You can make people thrive, or try to add to your lands by conquest. And despite the name, it is not a Maxis game. It is a massive multiplayer online strategy game by some people I have never heard of. You play for free, and get cash prizes if you play well. Or so they say, and it seems genuine enough - I am playing it already. Can't vouch for the cash prizes, though, but they are rather small anyway.