March 18th, 2002


Meanwhile, in Sim Lane ...

My moderately desperate bachelor Sim has latched on to this chubby black maiden; they are quite inseperable. They hang out at the Fun & Food Factory all night, and she's eating his dinners (he's an expert cook). But whatever he does, there is no Flirt option in the interaction menus. Hasn't been since they became friends. He's tried to kiss her, but she gets quite angry and he must talk for quite a while to calm her down. There won't be any chocolate colored babies this way ... and not the 20,000 dowry either.

The Sims has grown way too realistic with the latest add-on...
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Happy Sims. Good night.

OK, it turns out my poor bachelor Sim just hadn't got the right kiss type among the multitude now available. The correct one for the job was "peck". He tried that on his rotund friendess after a superb dinner. Immediately berry-red hearts appeared above the two. And then, before I got to dive for the pause button, the lady tried to force him down on the kitchen floor while kissing him passionately. Evidently these Sim weeks have been at least as hard on her as on him ... The poor guy panicked momentarily, as is good and proper, but now they're happily married and I can go to sleep with a good conscience. Vote me for guardian angel of the year.
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Assert yourself with GeForce 2

Yes, I bought a GeForce 2 graphics card. Partly to end my graphics troubles in Dark Age of Camelot, but partly anticipating the beta on City of Heroes, which is sponsored by nVIDIA.

The User's Manual however seems to be written in Korea or some such place in which English is a third language at best. Either that, or some poor soul has run the text through MS Word's spelling and grammar check, obediently making all suggested changes. Some choice quotes:

Its innovative architectures combine, transform, and light technology with a rendering engine that delivers 4 pixels per clock.

It's full support 2 analog RGB or RGB and DVI.

And my favorite:
Power off your computer, remove its outside cover, and then assert yourself by touching the power supply of your computer.
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Success! (Perhaps)

You have successfully installed the GeForce2 card!
You gain experience!
Your installation skill increases!
Your screwdriver skill increases!
Your coolness increases! You are now Slightly Cool.
Your reward is: Ugly screen with big black borders.
You are given the "adjust your monitor" quest!