March 14th, 2002


Back pains

I took my mobile phone with me to bed, just to have a lifeline in case I would not be able to get back up. It has often happened in the past that back pains have become worse while I sleep. Luckily, this time they got better. Still, I don't think it would be a smart thing to go to work.

I actually have very rarely back pains for a man my age. But usually a couple times a year, it still strikes. Yesterday it did so on my way home from work. Luckily I was almost home. Perhaps I should not have fallen asleep on the bus. But then I would not have dreamt about pocky. I guess if it doesn't last too long, it was worth it ...
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Weird dreams inc

Spending part of the day in bed nursing my aching back, it was inevitable that I fell asleep. It wasn't inevitable that I dreamt this stuff...

Episode 1: A teen girl becomes famous in the local media after getting stuck in a small bathroom window in her PJs. She is rescued in time, as far as her life is concerned; but her sanity is obviously gone: She keeps claiming that "the porcupine made me do it".

Episode 2: A small wooden cabin at the outskirts of town. It is surrounded by woodland wilderness, and an earthen path goes to the front door. A young teen girl is approaching. She has been here often before. She has brought food. As she waits a bit from the house, the door swings open. A porcupine jumps out and runs down the path toward the girl and the food. The door swings closed; no one else is seen.

Episode 3: The girl is talking to herself. She is worried, slightly paranoid. It concerns the new money that has been introduced. The porcupine is to her left; the food is greatly diminished. She asks a rhetorical question. The porcupine replies with one word. The pronounciation is rather bad, like talking with out moving your lips at all, but it is clearly speaking. The girl faces the porcupine, accusing it of speaking. The porcupine denies everything, still without moving its lips.

Episode 4: The girl has somehow got into the wooden cabin. She is hiding under the bed. The man who lives in the cabin comes into the room. We do not get to see him clearly at any point. He drags the bed out from the wall against which it stood, exposing the girl. Moderate ecchiness ensues.

Episode 5: Several small furry animals, among them a really boisterous squirrel, have invaded the wooden cabin. The squirrel has plans to squirrel away the bag of silver coins worth 50 000. Or perhaps it was 500 000. Squirrels have little sens of money, but they do know it's a lot. The bag of silver is actually a cornucopia, a magical device that never gets empty no matter how much you take out of it. It belongs to the porcupine. And in the middle of the project "grab the money and run", the porcupine arrives. He is not happy about it.

Episode 6: Agents are combing the countryside. They debate possible connections between the porcupine claims made by the mad girl and the mysterious person who has done mysterious things in this area. The government has issued all new money, but the girl has told them that the silver from the porcupine's pouch automatically transforms into whatever money it wants. The porcupine only needs to see the money first.