February 22nd, 2002


Color for fantasy

Hi, I'm home and sick still and now I'm hatching a fantasy story again. It's set in my Color Cluster universe, so a) there will be furries, b) there will be a color of magic. That much is certain. It is also a coming of age story with a female main character for a change. (She's furry, so there will be no menstruations if I can help it, which I probably can, being her creator and all. I utterly hate writing about menstruations.)

The type of furry will be pretty close to human: Descended from South American monkeys, with long prehensile tails and soft silky fur. Diet and instincts fairly similar to humans, then, but some difference in de-tail.

But I have trouble choosing the color of magic for her world. Each CC world has one or two colors of magic; they are positively luminiscent, because the first sign that you are a magic-wielder is that you start to see in the dark, as things glow with the color of magic. Yellow is already taken by the marsupial world, and crimson by the ant-world. Azure is reserved. I thought about pink, but is that too stereotypic? Or green, but is that too traditional? I mean, green is so over-used in comic books! Violet? Orange? Ultraviolet? Amaranthine?
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